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Friday, 19 April 2013

Mobility Scooter Battery Care

With years of experience in the mobility and care equipment industry the team at Discount Scooter have built up a wealth of knowledge to assist you with anything whether it be the maintenance of a mobility scooter or advice on which mobility assists are best suited for your needs.

The Discount Scooters team have pulled together their knowledge and put together a mobility scooter battery care page of information which details the best practices for the taking care of scooter batteries. The guide covers everything from charging to storage and will help you prolong a batteries life and ensure you get value for money.

Discount Scooters were the first major supplier of mobility equipment in the UK to embrace ecommerce and have continued to offer a large range of mobility and care assist products backed up by knowledgeable advisers & service.

If you are unsure which mobility products best suit your needs you can reach out to the sales and technical help office or visit the showroom which is open: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30 & Saturday 10.00 - 4.30

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mobility Scooter Batteries

I just found this company that provide mobility scooter batteries. Their service is excellent so i thought I would share my experience with my readers.

They supply batteries to fit every make and model of mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. This sounds un-true but they have a lot of batteires. Hopefully you find this as useful as I did.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Mobility Scooter Nation (With Videos)

Today there is close to 300,000 mobility scooters in Britain, this has increased by 230,000 in 5 years. Just think how many there will be in another 5 years?

It's not just the elderly or disabled that are jumping on the buggy brigade either, some young and healthy people are buying them because they are cheaper than a car. Soon the world could be very similar to the film Wallie with humans forgetting how to walk. That might be a little far fetched but an interesting thought.

The number of scooters owned has increased so much that the transport minister Norman Baker has commissioned officials to investigate. He published new guidelines last month.


- Anyone over the age of 14 can buy the fastest class of scooter with no requirement for a licence, training or insurance.
- Unlike cars, mobility scooters are not subject to official safety checks, and can be sold without any training being given.
- Although not classed as a motor vehicle, it is illegal in the UK to drive a mobility scooter when over the drink-drive limit. Driving a scooter while disqualified can lead to a prison sentence.

An increase to the number of mobility scooters on the roads has also resulted in an increase in YouTube videos. Here are some of the best ones I have found:

Funny Mobility Scooter Videos


The worlds fasted mobility scooter
This mobility scooter clocked a top speed of 71.59mph which breaks the national speed limit. The appearance of the scooter was kept the same so no big wheels or other safety measures to make it easier to ride.





The Future Of Mobility Scooters

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Direct Bikes Road Trip

(Original Article) Direct Bikes Road Trip

Matt from Direct Bikes went on a road trip of gigantic scale using his 125cc Tommy scooter. He started from Florence Italy and travelled all the way to London UK, which is over 1000 miles.

Matt and his scooter had to take on an array of terrain from the frozen Mont Blanc to the dangerous snowy conditions of the Alps mountain range. If you would like to hear about Matts journey watch this short video on Direct Bikes.